Chapter 2 - Never Trust Sentient Office Supplies by Volt Siano

Chapter 2 - Never Trust Sentient Office Supplies

Volt Siano

7 August 2017 at 17:50:51 MDT

After completing Uncle Rick's novel, Jason still has to survive another week of impending boredom. As such, his uncle takes him to the attic, where the teen spots a special book - a very special book.

As promised, this chapter was posted soon after the first, in order to keep the story's momentum going. It's gonna' be a bit longer before the next chapter is posted, but that's simply because it takes me a long time to pull literature from the depths of my mind; I wouldn't want to empty my storehouse too quickly.

If you wish to leave any critique, feel free to be a bit brutal; I've gone through this multiple times to check for mistakes of any sort, but it's still likely that a few grammatical errors or excessively boring/nonsensical bits could have escaped my notice.

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