Chapter 3 - Don’t Even Try Telling me that Change is Good by Volt Siano

Chapter 3 - Don’t Even Try Telling me that Change is Good

Volt Siano

12 August 2017 at 11:49:11 MDT

Jason wakes up in a forest, the book still clutched in his hand. It's a bit of a struggle, but he eventually makes his way out to a nearby clearing, where the moonlight shines brightly enough to look over himself; he isn't injured, but he's definitely not the same teen he used to be.

And with the release of the third chapter comes the full reveal of the project's name. Now, the folder is called "Project Derya" due to the title name "Derya" being a tentative one.
A few questions, if I may: What do you think of the cover art? How did I pull off the whole post-transformation vibe? (I hope it wasn't awkward.) And lastly, do you like where the story is going? I have no doubt that at least some people will enjoy this idea, but I still wonder if it makes sense from the standpoint of a solid plotline.

And lastly, I couldn't help but notice how well this chapter works with this song:

Well, I didn't come here on my own accord,
And I guarantee I can't leave like this.
Where you are, I don't care,
But whoever brought me here
Is gonna' have to take me home...

(Lyrics belong to the band Crowder, originating from their song "Neon Intro".)

If you wish to leave any critique, feel free to be a bit brutal; I've gone through this multiple times to check for mistakes of any sort, but it's still likely that a few errors could have escaped my notice.

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