Chapter 1 - Stupid Family Trips... by Volt Siano

Chapter 1 - Stupid Family Trips...

Volt Siano

5 August 2017 at 16:14:38 MDT

A laid back teen, Jason's got a bit of a problem. Despite a visit to his uncle's cabin in the mountains, he isn't exactly having a great time; there just doesn't seem to be anything worth doing there. This predicament turns around, however, after a conversation with Uncle Rick.

So, here's the first chapter. It's a bit slow, I'll admit, but humorous all the same; however, it does provide a bit of set up for the rest of the story, and that's important in a first chapter (right?). I hope that the purpose of this installment will become apparent within the next few chapters.
Due to the slow nature of this particular chapter, I will be posting the second one very soon, so that the story can gain a bit of momentum within a reasonable amount of time; the second chapter is when things get interesting.

If you wish to leave any critique, feel free to be a bit brutal; I've gone through this multiple times to check for mistakes of any sort, but it's still likely that a few errors could have escaped my notice.

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    Looks good so far! :)

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      Well, thank you!

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        You're very welcome! :)

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    I saw this in Critique Wanted, so I took a quick read. Then I thought, "Eh, don't think I'll leave a comment", because nothing jumped out at me as being egregiously wrong. Then I glanced at your page and saw "17" for age, so at the risk of sounding condescending and fogey-ish, I'd like to say that you're off to a great start at this whole writing thing.

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      Oh, well then, thank you! Nice to know all that.

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