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Amputated by Volt Siano


Volt Siano

Some of the people who were around early enough to see some of my first pictures may remember me mentioning a sort of secondary fursona; Jason here was originally created to be a fun-loving, carefree german shepherd. However, as I worked with Volt more and more, he eventually came to reflect nearly every part of me, including the fun side; and without a frequent need for multiple characters, I dropped the concept of Jason.
But as of late, I've been thinking about making a hardened character with an equally hard robotic arm; and so, Jason was recycled. You can see that his outfit and dyed hair tuft are reminiscent of his original design, but several changes have been made - the most prominent alterations are his metal arm and change in species to an australian shepherd. (And I know australian shepherds didn't originate in Australia, but I'm seriously thinking about making him an Aussie; it'd just be so fun.)

Regardless, I hope to do more with him this time around. Last few times I tried designing more characters, I only used them a couple times before letting them go. I have a few ideas for Jason at the moment, but we'll have to see where he ends up.

The australian shepherd trudged into the hospital's main lobby, his muscles still showing atrophy after several days of recovery and learning. His friend was waiting there for him, tapping a paw on the armrest of his chair and glancing around restlessly. Catching sight of Jason, the wolf rose and walked over to the Aussie.
Jason stood still and exhaled, rolled his shoulders - both the biological one and the mechanical one. He noticed that Voltaire was staring at the advanced prosthetic, and rightly so; the reflective steel it was made of and the bright green interface on the upper arm were painfully noticeable. Despite his resentment of the replacement limb, Jason rolled back his sleeve to allow the wolf a full view of the appendage, from the metallic fingertips with artificial nerves to the giant ball of a shoulder that was joined to his body.
No words were spoken between the two. Not yet. Maybe Voltaire would say something after some careful thought. For now, however, the wolf crouched down to examine the tech, intrigue showing on his face. Jason, however, had mixed feelings about the item; he knew it was designed to help him, but still resented that which it reminded him of.

I recognize that I drew this picture way too small, and thusly limited the amount of detail I could add. I think I'll draw Jason his own picture soon enough, something that will show him more clearly.