You Can Stop Staring Now, Ya' Dill by Volt Siano

You Can Stop Staring Now, Ya' Dill

Volt Siano

6 August 2017 at 17:13:23 MDT

"And whatever you're about to ask, the answer is 'No.'"

As I said I would, here's some more art for Jason, the Australian australian shepherd. (Yes, I am aware that australian shepherds did not originate in Australia, so don't get it in your head that I'm being an ignorant dipstick.)
This is also another work that I used a marker on, so let me know how well I'm utilizing it.

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    You did really nice work on the arm! :)

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      Thanks! ^^
      It was interesting, trying to come up with something that had the shape of a normal arm, but was at the same time obviously mechanical; still trying to think out its finer details, but I believe I'm honing in on its full design.

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        Also, I kinda' felt the need to work in some amature chiaroscuro.

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          It definitely turned out well! I'm sure you'll get it tweaked to the perfect look you want for it soon! :D

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            Ye'! Thanks for the encouragement!

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              You're very welcome! :D

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    Looks good! I really like his overall design (Did I mention that before?). He definitely doesn't seem like somebody I'd want to mess with.

    Reminds me that I was working on re-working my own character's prosthetic.... Too many mind projects. x.x

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      No, that was the first time you said it.
      Hope the new design turns out well!