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Vitai Slade

Vitai Slade / 33 / Male / Jacksonville, Florida

"Human??? Hahaha...I left my humanity a long time ago. I'm something...different now."
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~Vitai Info~

Name > Vitai "Tiger" Slade

Sex > Male

Maker > V1 / V2: B3Mascots / V3: OneFurAll (Summer 2013)

Species > White Bengal Tiger

Loves > Seeing people smile, Big hugs, Having his picture taken

Hates > Tail pulling, Dirty hands/paws, Being ignored

Special Features > Digitgrade legs, All hand sewn stripes

Past Conventions and Meets > Click here!

Art References > Anthro & Fursuit / Quadruped

Art Note > Vitai's stripes are VERY specific/unique to him

~The Guy Under Him~

Age > 23

Birthday > September 18

Location > Jacksonville, FL

Single or Taken > Single

Straight, Gay, or Bi > Bi

Occupation > Croupier - Poker Dealer

More About Me! > Click here!

Conventions or meets I will be at

(This color signifies that attendance is desired, not planned.)

Rainfurrest 2012 - September 27-30

Furry Cruise 2012 - December 2-9

FWA 2013 - March 14-17

Anthrocon 2013 - July 4-7

Megaplex 2013 - July 26-28

Furloween 2013 - October 19-22

Furry Cruise 2013 - Nov. 30-Dec. 10

Furry Fiesta 2014 - February 20-25

Biggest Little Fur Con - Mar. 27-Apr. 1

Rocket City Fur Meet - May?

Anthrocon - July 1-8

Megaplex - July?

Mephit Fur Meet - August?

Furloween - October?

Midwest Fur Fest - November 20-25



Latest Journal

All About Me!

Ever since my last breakup, I've struggled to figure out who I really am. At the time, I had no substance or character. I emulated what was around me and bent to the will or desires of whomever I was with at the time. It lasted through each relationship and re-emerged each time I found someone new. Without that someone to mold myself to, I felt lost and empty. But having it put so plainly in front of me during my last heartbreak, I could ignore it no longer. I decided to become my own person, to not go looking for another partner until I'd found myself. And once I'd found myself, to still not go looking, but let them come to me by simple 'fate' if you will call it that. It's been about a year since I made that decision and I've found out so much new about who I am. I'm proud to be single and truly living for myself, the way I want to, by my own power. I've grown so much as an individual and because of that, have the confidence now that I never had back then. I've decided to make a journal detailing myself to the best of my ability - my interests, my quirks, my desires, and even my dislikes and faults to an extent. Of course I'll never be able to fully encompass who I am on paper, but if you don't know me (or even if you do), this might give you a bit of insight as to who I am.

Things I'm good at:

Though I'm not exceptionally good at any one thing, I do strive to excel at most things I enjoy. In this I include my top interests - fursuiting, videography, video games, and even bowling to an extent.

Things I'm not so good at:


Maintenance of any kind (car, house, etc.)

Keeping my ideas to myself

Generosity (Working on this one...)





Video Games


Basketball (rarely, but still a hobby)

Card Games

Guns & Shooting

Reading (Furry-related books mainly)

Watching Movies


Furry Conventions

Roller Coasters & Theme Parks


Surfing (Still learning this one!)

Other things I like:






The Internet

Tasty Food

Wine/Liquor/Whiskey/Rum/Mixed Drinks


Hanging out with friends

Going to the gym (I try to stay motivated as much as possible)

Things I don't like:

Camping (Maybe once a year)

The Club/Drinking/Party/Dancing Scene

Charity work


Drugs/Smoking (hookah is the exception)

Chores that take a substantial amount of time and effort


Unique traits:

I like to think of myself as an easy-going individual with a very dry sense of humor. I am very sarcastic at times, generally in a very light-hearted sort of way with no ill intent, but it can cut deep when I am upset. I appreciate most the company of someone who can (not only) tolerate this, but grow to enjoy it for what it is.

I have a full back tattoo of tiger stripes representative of my tiger, Vitai, and the spiritual beliefs I hold close to me.

Education and Work:

I am a high school drop-out with a GED. Going into my junior year of high-school (and still now), I neither cared about nor desired to pursue an education deeper than the base knowledge I would need to succeed in life. I got my GED immediately after dropping out and took a course learning how to deal cards for the local poker rooms. Unfortunately, I did not get the job of my dreams immediately and went from job to job for about four years before finally landing a job in my current career field as a poker dealer. I now live my passion and look forward to my job each and every day.


My immediate family no longer lives in Jacksonville. My sister lives in Tampa, Florida and my parents in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am closest to my mother and not exactly in the best of regards with my father. I very much love my sister, though we don't get to talk or spend time with one another near as often as I would like. I have a niece and a nephew, both of which are still very young. My brother-in-law is by far the most influential person in my life. I only see him or talk to him as much as I do my sister, but he is a fantastic person and definitely a person I look up to more than anyone else.


I could talk about religion and spirituality for days on end and still not even scratch the surface of all my beliefs (Believe me, I've tried). I have found several ways to describe "in a nutshell" the way I feel about most things though. For one, I see my tiger, Vitai, in a different sort of way than a lot of furries see their fursona. Vitai is, in the most basic sense, myself -- as I am now, as I was before I was born, and as I am in the future after I die. He is the embodiment of my core and my spirit. He is representative of another culture and world somewhere out there.

I do consider myself a Christian in a way, though I don't blindly follow all or even most of Christian beliefs. I think more open-mindedly about spirituality. As if all of the religions in the world were a beautiful portrait of a sunset. The Christians saw the sun and called it a yellow picture, the jews saw the grass and called it green, the muslims saw the sky and called it blue, while the buddhists saw the clouds and called it white. It's all the same picture, but they are all focused on different aspects. I pull from each religion I encounter and make it my own. I try to build the picture the best I can using all of the resources available to me.


I see myself as mostly gay in the sense that I love both men and women equally when it comes to sex, but I lean heavily towards men when it comes to a relationship. I am a deeply-rooted furry so I enjoy being very animalistic when it comes to sex, but I always use protection and don't sleep around with just anyone.

What I envision for my future:

For now, I envision a simple, yet rewarding life. I do not and will never make millions of dollars, but I will always enjoy what I do have and can afford. I look forward to owning a nice home, with a beautiful German Shepherd companion, and a couple of cool toys (motorcycles and such). I see myself at several furry conventions per year and a steady plan to travel to different places around the world, visiting different countries and exploring different cultures. I hope to eventually meet someone to share it all with, though I am not looking for someone just to fill the space.


Animal: Tiger

Game: Battlefield 3

Game Platform: Xbox 360

Number: 8, 23, or 32

Movie: The Lion King

Song: Can you feel the love tonight?

Band: Matthew Ebel

Music Genre: Rock, Oldies, Dance

Country: USA

State: Florida

City: Jacksonville

Color: Blue

Dog: German Shepherd

Car: Lamborghini Mercielago

Shampoo: Aussie

Cologne: DKNY

Store: Best Buy

Food: Mexican

Restaurant: Taco Bell (Lol!)

Holiday: Halloween or Christmas

Season: Spring

Accent: Australian

TV Show: House M.D.

Thing to do: Fursuit

Trait of yours: Upbeat attitude

Memory: My 21st birthday trip from my now ex-boyfriend.

Thing about the opposite sex: Gracefulness

Thing about the same sex: Relatability

School Subject: Math

Fruit: Strawberries

Book: Out of Position by Kyell Gold

Actor: Will Smith

Sport: Football or Basketball

Website: Furaffinity

Board Game: Risk

Card Game: Poker

Beer: Guinness

Whiskey: Crown Royal

Liquor/Liqueur: Baileys Irish Cream

Non-Alcoholic Drink: Chocolate Milk

Soda: Mountain Dew

Element: Water and Electricity

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