Jeibu "Jog" Cycle [Animation] by VinVulpis

Jeibu "Jog" Cycle [Animation]


1 January 2015 at 13:33:14 MST

So I'd like to bring in the new year with a return to my project aniamtions. It's been a pretty long time since I've worked on anything pixel or project related with it do to some burn-out I was feeling about both the pixel with and mostly, the project work. I've felt a lack of certainty about what I'm ultimately doing with this all, especially lacking real programming skill, and it's left me feelin kinda low on the whole thing, which eventually became frustration while tryin to work on anything related to it.

I've been tryin to get myself back into the groove and am trying to produce stuff for the project, at least -something- as well as returning fully to pixel art work in general. I'm just gonna keep using MUGEN for now so I can make something work, and then try to learn something more proper in time.

So here's Jeibu's new "jog" cycle. My new goal with movement options in this is now, characters will mostly sustain a kind of joggin momentum for their standard movements, essentially, what their "walk" is. Dashing will be handled in short burst motions and similarly, they will also be able to air-dash.

Character's will now be able to turn freely (facing the duration they walk in) and jumping is now a button, not up. I'm turning the general "engine" more towards a platforming-beat-em-up kind of deal.

More details on mechanics will come as I put them into action with a video and such. <-- Usual Twitter <-- +NSFW

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    I am so glad to see you doing these again!! I looooove your spritework ;~;