Ciacyl Idle Animation [MUGEN/flats] by VinVulpis

Ciacyl Idle Animation [MUGEN/flats]


29 May 2014 at 18:08:34 MDT

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Also, as another note. I'm considering going over a lot of these characters to sport a lil more "gear" to fit their "interstellar adventurer" title of sorts. I figure they should look more like traveler/warrior types a bit, even if some of them would still wear very little.

So, here we have Ciacyl's sprite. Was on a Ciacyl kick, wanted to pump out some updated work for him. It took me a while though, as all things I've been working on lately because I've been feeling a little odd this past week or so and my sleep is being dumb too.

This one was a bit tricky actually... or more so, me being very picky and anal about it. Ciacyl isn't supposed to be moving around too much, because he's sort of a floaty psychic-type and he's very focused (unlike me, lol). The thing is, I don't like characters that just STAND almost completely still and have nothing interesting to there animation. So, I'd bee nit-picking and trying to find all sorts of little ways to make him move a tiny bit. So, 38 frames of subtle movements later... Here we are! I have him on his toes and for a part of it, just barely. He's gonna sort of glide/slide about with most of his movements.

SO, his moveset is gonna focus on medium-ranged combat. Lots of pokes and space control. He's gonna have a handful of angled, curving projectiles as well as placeable pillar bursts. His kit is otherwise very defense minded.

Ciacyl doesn't like to actually hurt people. He's just too kind, so he's goal is more on exhausting or disabling his foes. I have his moves pretty much figured out, but things are still up in the air for the more detailed things.

Got some special moves and such here. I haven't figured out all of his "Fierce" utilities just yet though. I'm still working on some of the names and such too.
Psy Spark - An angled projectile that smoothly curves up or down in a parabolic fashion.
Focus Pillar - A tall pillar burst/bolt that can be placed where Ciacyl desires. (Still debating on some mechanics for this one. I might actually go with a traveling detonation thing similar to Zelda in Smash, rather than fixed locations.)
Phrenic Flux - A sliding "teleport" type move that allows Ciacyl to dodge attacks and pass through his foe.
Psychal Reception - Ciacyl will drain HP (and maybe a little meter) from his target. (debating making this a special grab or a counter tactic.)

Flux Pillar - An advancing projectile bursts forward in a flashing, fixed pattern until it ends in a large Focus Pillar. AURA MAX version will burst a few large pillars instead of just one at the end. The flashing bursts knock targets into the air and juggle as they travel.
Great Chi Reception - Essentially a super version of Psychal Reception. Ciacyl will deal much more damage and heal a bit more. (and I might make it damage foe's meter or aura power)

Fierces (only one I've settled on so far)
Inversion Barrier - This move absorbs projectiles and converts them into super meter gain.

That's what I'm thinking on for him so far as I've started a file for him. My focus is still primarily on getting the new system updates on ShadowRoo's character for a new download and Jeibu getting playable. Other than the project stuff. I'm still putting more focus into getting art commissions done! D:

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    oo! i love it!

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    Is it going to be a huge pain to add all of the accessories to the sprites? I hope not, 'cause I bet they're going to look really neat! His moveset also sounds incredibly fun. o.o!!

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      Well, I'm gonna have to go over these all, frame-by-frame, so. It'll be a little annoying. Luckily, it's really just making a couple of small object additions, so it really won't be too much of a hassle.

      Just... inspiration hit me, and I realized my characters needed a little extra stuff to them. The concepts I've come up with so far, I really, really like. So, it's a must. It really completes their look, I think.

      And yeah, working on his moveset is gonna be lots of fun.

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        It'll be well worth it for all the headaches. I mean, one really good way to show a character's personality is through what they choose to wear, and how they choose to wear it. More nifty little insight into each character via things like that is a welcome addition! I'd say that inspiration that hit you is a really good thing! :D