Ciacyl's Errands [Graphite] by VinVulpis

Ciacyl's Errands [Graphite]


23 January 2014 at 12:04:45 MST

Ciacyl out and about, running some errands on a nice evening in his home city, in the moon world of Laenamas. Looks like he's seen a familiar face, and is waving them down for a chat.

He's somewhat of a tall fellow. Standing at 6'7". Of a race called "sebian" which kind of has a dragon/ferret mixed look to them. He's super friendly too. He possesses a sort of esper/psychic power that give his eyes a distinct glow. He can manipulate things close to him without touching thing, and he can levitate and float about. He's also a keen "lie detector" as he can pic up on people's aura and energy. So he's good at picking up on one's true feelings.

This was a pic I sat on for a long while some time ago. I started it months ago, around Anthrocon, but I hadn't finished it until much later on in the fall for some dumb reason.

It's the usual graphite with light digital tinting and such. I do wanna color this at some point.

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    Great work with the background X3X3X3

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    Absolutely love the detail in this one. The background alone is awesome, but all the shading on Ciacyl looks amazing too! ♥