Falling Down Drunk Kiba [Graphite] by VinVulpis

Falling Down Drunk Kiba [Graphite]


23 January 2014 at 10:49:21 MST

Some what of an older pic I still like, so Ima post it here now.

And when she falls, look the hell out! She's a big girl, standing at 8' and almost 400 pounds. Kiba likes to drink as large gatherings. She's got the spirit of "fighting an merriment" in her. (among other actual spiritual powers she is branded with.) Some whoppin and drinking sounds like a damn good time to her.

Overall, she's quite friendly, but rowdy.

An older standard graphite portrait of mine, with some light digital effects for scanner washout and light color tinting.

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    Such a lovely looker.

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      Yus! That she is~

      (also, thanks!)

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        Welcome sugar. Sorry I have not contacted you much. Work + sickness + forgetting to turn on trilian. Heh.

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          I haven't ran my own trillian in a long while now. I mostly just run Skype now. Though, I was wonderin what was up. I'd noted ya some time ago and hadn't heard back. I was just hoping everythin was okay. Glad to see ya around though!

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            Skype would work. I'm on it now and then normally when I have to talk to a body. Steam and Skype are the best bets. I did receive that not but can't remember what it entailed for starters I think I was just getting sick around then.

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              Steam works too. I have it open most of the time, even though I'm rarely gaming. Hah. Mostly just for the chat. Name's VinVulpis on both, as usual.