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Waning Daylight

on 15 October 2017 at 11:32:43 MDT

Hello everyone! About time for an update. My mother is recovering nicely. She was on steroids the first week of her being home from her brain surgery with minimal side effects. Has a little bit of short term memory issues but she seems 100% fine everywhere else. Her leg from her knee surgery last year is finally getting better. She no longer requires a walker or crutch to walk around! She's pretty excited about that!

A few weeks ago my parent's house was broken into and some family heirlooms were stolen (several hundred year old, hand made shotgun among other things) from a secret lockup hidden in the house (my dad was a little paranoid about someone steeling those things before I was born). Only a handful of people know where that secret place was so it narrowed down the list of suspects pretty quickly as only one of them had an MO for such a thing. For those that have been keeping up on recent events you can probably guess who it was. At any rate the police have been informed and my father has been talking with the local pawn shops. Turns out he knows a lot of the shop owners. Tends to happen when you build vintage motorcycles in a rural town I guess.

The days have been getting shorter where I live. Have to figure out a better work schedule so I'm not staring at computer monitors for ages in the night. Been getting headaches pretty consistently because of it despite adjusting screen brightness and the like. Might just need to wake up earlier in the day. The joys of winter approach! Hopefully I can be timely about the work on the infamous backlog and start living again instead of floating. Cheers!

Commission Queue:
1) Spottyreception
2) Anuv
3) Damaged-Lugia
4) TheFurryEngineer
5) DormioTheBun
6) Talash
7) Brandybrant
8) DJCrimsonfox
9) Brandybrant
10) Takashi816
11) Talash

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Line Drawing
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Base price includes only one character with a simple background. Categories with a price range denote flexible prices for character and/or background detail complexity.

I have characters of my own that can be included within a picture, upon request. Using one of my characters will spot you a $5 discount off of the total price of the commission on the grounds that I am more familiar with my own characters.

Simple backgrounds are free (and are usually only one color).

I am by no means the fastest artist when it comes to completion times. I put a lot of time into my work so it take time for a product to emerge. Keep in mind that I may get sick or have a life beyond what I upload here. I'm not always able to work around the clock as I would like to.

I will draw most things and am open to a variety of things. However, I do not do most extreme fetishes (like micro/macro, water sports and scat to name a few). If you have questions, ask please.

I currently only accept Paypal.


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    I just adore your art, a favorite artist for sure!

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    Any possibility to see some Taiko in the future?

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      Always a possibility.

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    I love your artwork

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    Dunno why I wasn't following you already

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    Your art is awesome!