House Cat 2/2 by vetoknox

House Cat 2/2


1 June 2018 at 17:16:02 MDT

A quick peck on the cheek was all it took to melt the old rat into a lovey-dovey mess. The blood rush made him feel faint as his coffee spilt onto the waxed floor, causing the cat to wince after he left at the hard work it took to get it to that shine. The rat was unaccustomed to a modern open relationship and is used to playing it subtle as to not to raise suspicion, but now this had changed which caused his brain to go into a hard reset. The cat however mindfully rubbed his rumbling belly as the rich cream glided down his throat, as he comprehended the breakfast he should prepare for himself. Buttery scrambled eggs added girth but maple bacon added cushion. The milk was helping his moob growth which quickly became the rats new groping zone but the pants aren't as tight as he liked them to be. As the rat transitioned into a infatuated trance, the cat scoured the newspaper for the latest "no-go" foods for adding extra bulk.

The rat could not stop hugging the cats gut, which became a nuisance for the cat but the master looked so happy between his love handles. He had begun feeding the cat just straight-up now with no sense of subtlety, stuffing his face with the treats he cooked for the rat to eat. The rat was almost becoming a sort of servant to the cat, due to his extreme infatuation, but the cat remained diligent to do his job properly because he too had grown infatuated with the elderly gentleman though obviously not to the extreme of the rat. He did wish his gut would stop gurgling all the time, whether from hunger or fullness because he could tell the guests were put off by it. Though he loved how his body jiggled when he purred which in turn caused him to purr some more. As the rat lucidly wiped his lip, he purred slightly causing the rat to squeak in delight at the jiggly jostle of the cat's hefty paunch.

The rat had finally dropped all pretence after a while and just continuously lied under the cat all day whether it was his belly or behind he couldn't get enough of the smothering fat. The cat had gained a cushion while cleaning so he didn't mind that much but the constantly massaging and squeezing of his rump caused a bit of distraction, Luckily he could just push his gargantuan bottom down onto the rat to keep him still for a while. He grew to like squishing his master a bit, often pushing him up against walls while he adjusts the paintings behind the rat or making sure to test the durability of his master's bed by slamming his rotund rear down onto the mattress whilst the rat "happened" to be underneath. He never lost his respect or infatuation in him though as the gentle-rat always bought the finest ingredients for him to prepare magnificent dinners for him to "finish." After while, both of them forgot how life was without each other as their lives became entwined with each other's pleasure. The pleasures of which grew each each and every day, along with cat's divine derriere.

Thought I'd dedicate another load of paragraphs for each image! Anyway, I think this one also turned out pretty great and I hope you all think so too! Thanks for viewing!