Grizzly Beer by vetoknox (critique requested)

Grizzly Beer (critique requested)


15 June 2018 at 17:30:19 MDT

It takes a lot of man to be a good trucker. It takes a ton of a bear to be a legendary one! This hapless rookie wasn't doing too well on his first week so his more experienced (and more girthy) co-worker advised him on taking a break at this bar he frequents. Recommended he try this intriguing beer from the south made from bee honey that was supposed to be sweet as it was heady. A quick swig softened his voice into warm and confident southern drawl, a decent gulp made the road-life clearer in his head, and a final chugging gave him the butt, belly, and the bear strength to survive the long drive! Don't worry though, he made sure he was sober before he hit the road again! I think ten full-size breakfasts' did the trick! And now he hits the road confidently, with the perfect belly to rest the highway snacks, the perfect paws for gripping the wheel, and the perfect butt which makes any seat the best seat! It's Truckin' Time!

Hope you enjoyed this sequence cuz I loved making it! Feels good doing wg tfs again! Hope I ain't too rusty!
Thanks for the view!


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    Nice belly