House Cat 1/2 by vetoknox

House Cat 1/2


4 May 2018 at 17:00:16 MDT

It can be really hard to be a cat butler. You try to fight you're natural instincts to pamper and plump yourself in a cushy environment and do you're job properly, but you'll eventually find yourself parking your new fat behind onto a comfy sofa and letting the house gather dust. It's been uncountable the amount of times this poor puss has been booted out of stately homes and mansions because his shirt button popped and pants ripped loudly on the last raid of the master's pantry. He does try earnestly but as soon as he digs his claws into those luxurious soft beds, it's hard to resist the temptation. Luckily this old gentlerat has graciously taken him in promptly after the last catastrophe (very promptly as he hasn't had time to lose all that bulk he gained from the last master's sweets). He seems not to mind that weight, in fact he is enamoured with it... Best not to focus on that and more on working those love handles off!

Oh dear, it seems it hasn't gone according to plan... He tried to stave off his ravenous belly but the master kept leaving the desserts unfinished and he always insisted he'd finish them off! Those pants were his final and biggest pair, and so was that underwear! Why does the fat always hit his rear first? The master is looking mighty pleased at his predicament. He always liked the view from his pool but today it was extra special. He was planning to take the one bite of his cake and leave it for that lovely butler of his but it looks like he didn't need it to burst some more clothes today. The button massacre he saw on Wednesday was a mere brunch compared to the eye feast of that pants ripping today. He heard the distinct sound of fatty flesh breaking cloth particularly well today. His plan is finally complete and now he, the expert tailor that he is, can finally make clothes for that magnificent form and he might even get to touch it...

The hour had come, and the ratty gentleman had his various tools ready for the moment that cat walks out of the other room. The doors parted as the shy cat creeped out on his pudgy feet. He had tried to suck in his gut but to no avail, much to the rats pleasure. The rat circled him whilst eyeing every little detail; the clothed cellulite, the chaffing waistband, the wobbling chins, and that wonderful ball of pure fat hanging over his bulging underwear... He looked exquisite and was even more exquisite to the touch. As he glided the cold measuring tape, catching the jiggle from the initial flinch, he pressed his thumb into the soft pudge, feeling the gurgle from his last snack. When he made to the back he could no longer hold back as he rested his head atop that bulbous bottom, squishing his hands and face against that intoxicatingly-warm blubber. The cat looked be-musingly and finally understood. He would have reveal his understanding a little later after this extremely enjoyable tailoring session...

Thought I'd dedicate a paragraph to each image! Anyway, I think this turned out pretty cute and I hope you all think so too! And yes, this is my first non-tf wg sequence and yes, there will be another part! Tell me what you think of it below! Thanks for viewing!