Dry Clean Only by vetoknox

Dry Clean Only


2 March 2018 at 17:01:44 MST

Should have paid attention to the label on that Get-along shirt before visiting the pool, boys! Now not only are you both sopping wet but now you can't even get out of that rapidly shrinking shirt without smooshing together ever so tighter each time you resist! At this point you two should just accept your fates and become a pair of artificially conjoined and chubby twins for everyone's viewing pleasure! Who wants front seat tickets?

Another delightfully smooshy collab with my wonderfully flabby friend the-b3ing!


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    mmmmm i love to see a good smoosh

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      Don't we all? XD

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        I have been smooshed before irl by my ex-GF she was a chubby gal, we both were playing Twister at the time my head was under her soft belly before it came down.