Reginald's Rotund Regeneration by vetoknox

Reginald's Rotund Regeneration


20 January 2018 at 17:00:14 MST

Ah, the woes of age. Taking down even most strong-hearted of our warriors. The remorseful old colonel of wolf459 has retired away from his loving butler, James, to his one of his manor's many rooms to reminisce about better times. He happens upon one of his ancestor's old studies, kept in remarkable condition despite it being centuries old (he should reward his butler again sometime). A proud knight with a most odd complexion that was usually hidden behind an especially large set of armour. There were rumours of a large badger-like creature stalking the towns at night, preying on the unusually happy young men, but the town was kept safe by his noble ancestor! The beast didn't ever show up when he was around, not even once, and he made sure all those young men were given the best care in his manor! Truly that man was a most marvellous creature!

Just gripping one of his swords spreads a new vigour through Reginald's old bones and revives that youthful spirit within him, revealing itself through a rambunctious smirk. In fact, the sword is spreading a lot more than vigour as the colonel's waistcoat and slacks will soon know...


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    Now that is quite an interesting "curse" to have! He looks very adorable like that!

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      He prefers the term "blessing" for his condition!

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    Nice underpants, wish I could try them on.