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Digg Bigg Butts by vetoknox

Digg Bigg Butts


What another collab with the almighty the-b3ing? You're God damn right it is!

Dear Being felt that there was not enough appreciation for the Diggersby on this website. His subtle nuances in it's design and the craftsmanship behind this maginificent Pokemon ached his heart. So I scribbled two of them smashing butts together. My art is a gift!

Of course it's the two of us because who wouldn't want to be rump-heavy rabbit? And frankly it looks gorgeous thanks to Being's lovely colouring! Dem cheeks shine with quality! If you haven't already, go and check their stuff out immediately! I promise you won't be disappointed (he just got into drawing butts!)

Hope you all enjoy it as much as the two of us did!
His version: