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Room mates? (columbus ohio)

I'm putting out feelers for anyone looking for room mates in Columbus Ohio. This is not a commitment or solid thing whatsoever (either by you or me), I'm literally just trying to see who's out there in a vague interest level seeking way.

I've got a place right now in clintonville that can house 2 more (renting). It's not super great though and there are better places in the area (similarly priced, but better condition wise) so I'm very down to find another place in the area if people were interested. I think I'm looking for only 1 or 2 more. I'm looking at rent under 400 bucks if possible, so that's the price point i'm kind of searching for. Lease will be over january 5th unless resigned december 5th.

I'm a furry (obviously) and am looking for other furry room mates (obviously). I am a musician, so you'd have to be ok with me occupying some extra space for instruments (even if it is in a basement or something) and making music here and there (never very loudly, as I hate excessively loud shit). I'm also really really cleanly, and it bugs me when people wear shoes in the house and dont keep things tidy in a general sense, so I just ask that if you're interested you keep that in mind. It will be a point of contention if you dont do your dishes and stuff, as I'm not a passive person (so I'll call you out on it and stuff, which neither of us likes). I'm reliable and solid on everything else, have a full time job, and am going to grad school, so I'm not home a lot. I'm more so looking for female room mate(s) than male, because every female room mate I've had has been awesome and cleanly, and every male has been a mess maker (despite saying they're cleanly, which is why I'm basically done with dude room mates). If you're uncomfortable rooming with a bio male, dont take it too seriously - I'm NB and have a CIS girlfriend, so you have little to worry about.

anyway like I said, this is just feelers to see who's out there.

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    how me, a deer, get here????? i dont know???

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    Thank you for the follow!

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      grunz grunz