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Arylon's Robotic Arm Arsenal by ValyceNegative

Arylon's Robotic Arm Arsenal


6 February 2015 at 00:58:38 MST

So I went through AAAAALLL of my Fur Affinity gallery and made a selection of what it'd be worthy to post. I'm going to upload random stuff between commissions and personal art, old and new, various styles. The only things left away were the BTIT strips (which you can read them all on my DA, here: ) and the ref sheets, because I've bothered you enough and posted them all before.
Like I've done before, I'll upload three drawings per day and I'll try to follow a daily theme of some sort (three cellshadings, three commishes, etc). And if you want a commission, you can check my prices here: . You can email me at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it for orders!

Today's the day I'll post three commishes xP Too lazy to put my description in past tense so I'll make it a quote:
"A special flatcoloured commission for Arylon Lovire structured like a reference sheet... for arms! Arylon changed his sona into a cyborg and his main feature is his detatchable right arm, that can be changed in a total of 5 variations.
It all started with a couple of concept and we ended up even giving a name to the various models! xD It was really a fun commission, I have to say.
The first two models (AR-LO-00 and AR-LO-01) are supposed to be factory-made, while the rest is fabricated by Ary himself, hence why they look more rough and... chaotic? xP The Launchpad and keyboard variations can actually be plugged into a computer to import/export soundfiles, as you can see from the USB drive sticking out o one of them.
The AR-LO-04 is by far my favourite model! I wanted to draw something steampunk that looked actually functioning, so I added a boiler and tubes in which the steam can actually be made (along with valves and pressure displays to keep the steam in control). It also has a glass door showing the insides (where all the cogs should be xP) and it can be opened for easy fixing."
© Arylon Lovire: His owner.
© Art: Me.


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    cool. I like 2 and 4.