Okay, I'm an idiot. I knew it before and I had the (not needed) confirmation now. Anyway, hi, I'm Valy J ThunderBeast!

I'm known in other galleries (such as DeviantArt and FurAffinity) as Valery91Thunder; if you see accounts with these names already in Weasyl that's still me. I've tried to register to the site a couple of times but ended up not using the accounts and forgetting their passwords; upon recover, I've also discovered that the email addresses linked to them were expired. So in the end, those are dead.

THIS GALLERY WILL BE USED TO ONLY STORE REF SHEETS COMMISSIONS FROM NOW ON; so what you'll see will be only characters designed for customers.

Let's jump to presentations, shall we?

People call me Valy, or Valery, or more recently Valyce just to make things more complicated. I'm an italian girl in the mid 20s who happens to like drawings of funny animals, and who thinks this whole furry thing is just a goddamned hobby. I happen to like a lot of things and dislike a plethora of 'em.

I'm also a newly graduated tattoo artist and designer, and my dream is to open, one day, a tattoo studio all for myself! But for right now every job will do, and in the meanwhile my main source of income are art commissions. Not the thing I plan to do for life, but hey, it's money...

I like to watch some toons from time to time and I do enjoy watching 80s humorous-splatter b-movies (and I have frequent celebrity crushes). As for what it concerns music, I'm a great fan of everything that's even remotely Glam Metal (but other Rock genres will do as well!); I used to be bassist in a pop-punkish band, but we stopped performing long ago and now I just play my bass whenever I feel like it. I'm a little rusty nowadays.

I collect Game Boy games and accessories and I'm mainly interested in 90s gaming systems and stuff (POKEMOOOON!). I absolutely love the colour Green in all its shades and hues. I've studied Foreign Languages at high school and I love learning everything about them everytime (my favourite language is English!). I'm mildly fascinated by medicine arts and the study of ilnesses, mainly neurological ones. On that matter, one of my favourite writers is Oliver Sacks, but when I'm not busy reading medicine essays, I like thriller, easy scifi books and the Warriors saga, because yay kittens.

I like Halloween and goofy/funny/humorous gore things although I'm a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to realistic horror games with jumpscares. And in general, I like off-colour comedy because I like to appear cynical and sadistic.

Most of the times I just like to goof off and have a good time with my friends, wether I met them irl or online.

Overall, I like to keep myself busy.

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Weasyl: A Ref Sheet Only Gallery

on 6 July 2015 at 12:24:16 MDT

From now on, my Weasyl gallery will be used only to upload ref sheet commissions customers have asked me through the years. I've already "purged" my submissions and now I'm probably going to bulk-upload the rest of the refs I've done.
The reason for this is that I felt like this gallery was getting too much of a "copy" of my FA gallery, and instead I wanted to use it for something actually organized, so I came up with this.
I've always seen FA as a "dumpster" gallery, in which I post all kinds of personal drawings and commissions up to scrappy doodles and sillinesses, and DA as a very personal gallery in which I upload only the personal drawings I really feel proud of. The reference sheet commissions were scattered a bit on DA and FA, mostly because FA had many other things in the mix and DA had only the ones I felt really proud of. But still, they're not drawings made specifically for me so I'm starting to feel like they really don't belong to DA.
Weasyl instead comes as a perfect solution as I'll upload everything that is related to a ref commission.

Will this mean I will delete my ref sheet commissions from DA? There's a probability, yes, but I still do not feel like deleting them right now: it's something I will instead decide in the future. Distant future most probably.
As always, if you wanna see more of my art you can check out my other galleries:
And my commission info here:

BRB, bulk upload.

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