Comfier Than Any Couch by Vairos

Comfier Than Any Couch


22 March 2015 at 22:00:15 MDT

Keira was an elephant of little patience and the more she spent time with her friend's brother Ardan, the more she found that he chipped away at what little of it she had of it. He was a pleasant dragon, but he had a mouth that enjoyed running like a malfunctioning faucet. The prospect of putting up with his complaints and observations for much longer as he lay on the floor and continued to prattle on was dissatisfying at best, and horrifying at worst.

She placed her book on the arm of the couch and sighed. She looked at the clock and tried to figure out when the last time she had contributed to the conversation had been. All she wanted was the chance to read her book in peace, at least for an hour or so.

An idea sprang to her mind, and it enticed a wry grin over her face. Getting to her feet, the pachyderm strode to where Ardan lay and nudged at him with her foot. "You comfy down there?" she asked.

"Kinda," Ardan replied. "But y'know, could be better. The carpet's kinda stiff but the armchair's-"

Keira didn't even bother letting him finish before she dropped down, planting her hefty rump against the back of his head and squashing it down in the carpet. She could hear Ardan letting out a moan of discontentment, but paid it no heed while she wriggled her buttocks in the quest of finding the comfiest position for his head between her mountainous cheeks. His ginger hair tickled the exposed flesh of her ass. His moaning slowly waned into a continuous low growl, but Keira couldn't care less. It had him quiet for a short while. And he honestly felt comfier than the couch she had just been using.

Now if only she could reach her book.

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Keira and Ardan belong to vairos

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