Ardan vs Keira by Vairos

Ardan vs Keira


23 March 2015 at 11:10:43 MDT

And so begins a grand battle between dragon and elephant. When two titans clash, who will emerge the vi-It's Keira? Yeah, it's totally Keira. Ardan charges forwards in the hopes of taking her by surprise, and she responds by smacking him to the ground with her hefty breasts. Before he can even get up, she's smacking him back down with her unstoppable booty smash. It really wasn't a fair fight in the end, was it? Don't worry though, she'll get back up in, fifteen minutes.

If he's lucky.

There we go, one of the two commissions this month that I've been really looking forwards to. I got in touch with Restluck and since at the time I didn't have a visual representation of Ardan, he suggested an exchange which would make us both happy. As part of that, I wrote him a story (, he drew me a reference image (, and now we have the final piece with Keira putting Ardan in his place. That poor dragon; he's really not having much luck with her lately. And it can only get worse from here on out.

Art by the wonderful Restluck
Ardan and Keira belong to vairos

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    There is too much awesome in this pic. X3