Keira, Fertility Priestess by Vairos

Keira, Fertility Priestess


22 March 2015 at 21:02:33 MDT

Allow me to introduce you all to my first character, Keira, the elephant who can never forget about her perfectly sized rump. Unfortunately when it comes to handing out robes, this was the biggest size that they could provide. Pity they're also forbidden from wearing anything underneath as well. Things can get a little awkward, especially on a drafty day.

Well hey, how's about that! My first character given this beautiful treatment! All credit for this goes to the wonderfully talented araidian.

Oh, and this is the first but definitely not the last you'll see of her. Expect to see Keira in the future in a variety of other poses, not least sitting on the faces of unsuspecting friends. A story or two won't be far away either.