'Utunu AWDH V2F' by Levn by Utunu

'Utunu AWDH V2F' by Levn


20 May 2015 at 15:33:07 MDT

Levn Levn approached me a while ago, asking if he might use Utunu for some sketch studies. He was intrigued by the Robotunu picture I had gotten from P_Sebae P_Sebae, and wanted to try his hand at the robotic anthro concept. I said sure, and am I glad I did! He did an excellent job; I love all the awesome little details!

I'll include the background (which I reworded slightly, hopefully you don't mind Levn!) that Levn wrote here:

The African arms company Franchi has many secrets stowed away in its test lab. Not all secrets can be kept, or in this case contained! One of the remaining drafted renderings of the AWDH V2F seemed to escape with Utunu as he broke out of the facility. Based on preexisting naming conventions that Franchi has used, it was clear that the 'H' is indicative of being a hydraulic powered model, whereas the V2F identifies him as the second version of Robotunu produced by the seemingly harmless company.

Thanks bunches, Levn! You did a great job, and it always makes me warm and fuzzy when folks like my character enough to give me such a spiffy gift! I really appreciate it. :)

Go check out his page!

Art by Levn
Character of Utunu (Robotunu?) belongs to me (Utunu)

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    Loved seeing this from Levn! Still hope I can SOMEDAY get some arts from him since he got that job now xP

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      Hehe I'm glad you liked it! And I think he is open for commissions, even with the job? I'm not sure.

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    anyone else see this and think of the temple guardians from sacred 2? because they were my favorite to play as and were generally awesome in my opinion.

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      Arg, apologies - I don't know the reference?

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        basically the Temple Guardians are a Synthetic Race created by one of the gods in the game to maintain and protect the Great Machine, so that it could keep the world in balance. they are tasked with essentially protecting the energy that fuels the various magics and older constructions. there aren't many left and the few that are left either, still adhering to their original orders, or are trying to figure out their own future. being that they themselves are powered by the same energy they protect, they can manipulate it to a decent extent. i played temple guardians in sacred 2 quite a bit, they were always my favorite race.

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          P.S. the reason the second link show one with out it's left arm is because depending on the type of T-energy power cell it has fitted into it's chest cavity, or what skill/art it is using, will determine whether the arm is either an actual arm with a hand or a long ranged armament (including the type of shot).

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          Oh, neat! I like those! Heh, I certainly would have played that race too. :)