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My Furaffinity account and Tumblr are both NSFW and may contain sexual content, however my FA is the only place I currently regularly upload fetishistic or non-vanilla pieces. DA is safe for work and Weasyl will be eventually.



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Where else to find me, activity, commissions and ych

on 24 May 2016 at 15:31:45 MDT

Okay... So after the debacle with FA recently, I remember that actually I do have other sites to be active on, that I should be building up.
The problem is, in my experience, not only does FA have more traffic, but it's the site that 'puts its money where its mouth is', I tend to forget this, and the rest of my sites, because simply I don't get any regular custom through it, so it makes sense to me to focus on FA.
This is a bit of a double edged sword, because it means I won't be building up a customer base anywhere else, I won't be producing for that demographic etc... Weasyl is, and will remain a SFW gallery, and thanks to my work on FA, most of my commission work is NSFW these days, so again, not producing for this site.

I do a monthly YCH, and next month's will be a SFW base, so I will be promoting it here, as well as FA, and I'm going to continue uploading the backgrounds even if I can't upload the full image.

Currently my commissions are closed while I clear my list, but I will also be promoting those here more also. My up to date commission info can be found: << here if anyone wants to see.

Frankly, I've never got on that well with Weasyl, I love the layout and the thumbnail options, but the search option doesn't give me what I want and I've just never really clicked with the site, it's also been a fairly quiet site for me and that might play a role.

All rambling aside...
I want to build up this site better, keep up with my messages and communication better, promote my work better on this and other sites and generally do a better job at rounding out my gallery and what I produce.
My commissions are INCREDIBLY important right now, but also clashing with a really bad low point, so YCHs, where I have control over the backgrounds are really important to me, I'm enjoying them and hopefully producing work people can enjoy at the same time--bigger work.

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    I am your stalker!

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    Gotta comment here as well. Love your artwork! :D

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    Whoa, amazing gallery! Your grasp of atmosphere and composition is especially impressive. I'm a little sad I didn't find you sooner but I'll at least rectify that now with a follow. Keep up the great work!

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      Thank you very much! Glad to have you here ^^

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    Oh wow, what a cool gallery! I'm really glad I found your work, you're doing some great stuff here.

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      Thank you very much!

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    Mmmm ur art looks familiar!
    Do you have by any chance a subeta account?
    As finally having some time to finally look bottom of my messages I could take a peek in your gallery and I am sure Ive seen it already around! Good gallery :>

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      Yes, I'm Shalashaska on there, though I'm not active at the moment =3