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Hello, I'm Levn and I'm a traditional artist. most of my work consist of experimenting and working to improve my skills as an artist. I studied and Minored in art at Murray State University and perused a career in industrial design. my knowledge of art and design ranges from traditional drawing and drafting to casting and 3D printing. I love the challenge of drawing anatomy of furrys. I draw furrys as a way to escape the world around me and because furrys are fun to draw. I also love making resin mask and sculpture but my sculpture work is much more conceptual and difficult to understand.

Even tho I have been exposed to digital media I still prefer traditional media because the final result is tangible and is difficult to copy and paste. I'm hoping to start making some digital art this year and also start live streaming my art.

Other Locations
Furaffinity Deviantart Tumblr

If your interested in Commissions please email me at levnartscommandcenter@gmail


Levn Starfall


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    I'm stalking you here too now!

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      <3 good

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    Thanks for the watch! OwO

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    Thank you for the watch, it is greatly appreciated.

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    You still with us? You haven't posted much here. Also, please keep up the traditional work, digital is overrated and to me much less creative.

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      I'm still postin on here ^..^ just haven't had alot of time to make art to post that's all :)