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'A Warrior Dance' by Nomax by Utunu

'A Warrior Dance' by Nomax


Each pound of the drum resonated through Utunu's body as their dance began; he could feel each beat through his paws where they touched the hard packed dirt around the celebratory bonfire. Together, he and his tribemates moved as one, reveling in the rhythm and the motion, the raw power and freedom as they lunged and spun, whirled and struck, spears flashing and glinting in the firelight. It was as if threads extended down from each of them into the earth, connecting them together, and it was at times like these that Utunu could forget all else and just be, as the dance moved them all.

The solstice is a time of new beginnings, and, like many things, an excuse for celebration in Utunu's tribe. The long nights will start to give way at Jua's bidding, as he smiles upon his children. Feasting and celebrations (of which dancing is but one) extend throughout the night, and at least for a time, all cares are forgotten. Each warrior will make their own accoutrements, using it as an opportunity to display both their craftsmanship and creativity during the dance.

A wonderful piece by Nomax Nomax! I absolutely love how it came out. And yes, the title is solely because of the convenient acronym. :) I already have it in my 'Collections', but I wanted to post it myself, because I don't think there's any way for Collected pieces to appear in my 'Featured' folder.

Art by Nomax
Character of Utunu belongs to me (Utunu)

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    This is ridiculously dynamic. Wow.

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      Hehe, yep! I love that aspect of it. :) Along with most everything else about it!