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Hello, everybody! I am Urso Fofinho. I am just a silly bear that likes to draw. I hope we can be friends.

To start I want to say: Thanks for visit my profile.

I'm brazilian, I live in southeast cost of Brazil.

I am happy and I keep in furry fandom because I have lovely peoples around me, they are annoying sometimes, but I enjoy them a lot. I always liked furry stuff, even before know what furry means.

If you saw my pics, you already know that sometimes I draw silly things of my friends.

*nods* Yes, I draw for friends sometimes... but I will only get my pencil if I can have fun drawing, so don't ask me for requests, probably I won't accept them.

About art trades, I really dont know.

I don't like people drawing my characters without even knowing them, so please just respect this, if you really really feel like drawing my chars ask before and explain the idea. I rather never get any suprise gift art.

Something I believe is extremelly important in any kind of relationship is respect. Because this I ask before any pic involving others, I never draw without permission, and I would like you to do the same, let's respect each other and be happy together.

I am a hard person to get along with. I demand the maximum of feelings, mainly because I live in the maximum of mines. I am pretty fine with my life, I love to spend my freetime with my loved ones. I am the 'I am happy, if you cant keep up to it, jump out of the way, because I am not stopping!' kind of person. I am happy, I dont plan to change, I dont plan to be right or wrong, I just plan to be myself. I dont hope you like or accept me, I just wanna you to understand the fact that I am what I am, and I love this!


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