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I am a crazy dragon I do not have much to say about me.
I'm from Brazil and I live in a small town in the state of São Paulo, I do not speak English
I live in Brazil and i only speak Portuguese, I always wanted to learn English but I really am too stupid and I can not learn this language so easy, I like anime, video games, i am a huge fan of Kingdom hearts series and I love FPS games and especially those containing zombies and among other things, I do not practice RP I'm very bad at it, and I joined the furry fandom in 2007, sometimes I draw for fun, I really am very bad at it, and i do not put almost anything in my gallery, about my fursona, he is a white dragon who wears a purple bow on the left horn, and is not female! is a male dragon! he is a femboy most often, he usually wears a collar when his master this around, he is a pet faithful to his bear master.and i dont like it when people use my fursona in drawings without my permission, specificaly people i dont know except close friends, so please keep from making any surprise drawings.

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Support the tropical bear on PATREON!

on 14 June 2015 at 11:27:16 MDT

My great friend ursofofinho opened up a Patreon, he is a great artist so please take a look at his profile and his Patreon profile and if you'd like you can give your support to him so he can reduce a bit IRL work and do more excellent furry and rule34 drawings <3

Thanks for the attention.

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