Miranda DesFraise the Buneary by Unownace

Miranda DesFraise the Buneary


11 April 2020 at 18:28:16 MDT

DeviantART: http://fav.me/ddume2v

I was trying to decide what, if anything, to draw for Easter this year. Since this is the season of bunnies, and I just recently made a new Buneary OC, I figured why not just give her a proper reference drawing and bio?

Miranda DesFraise was an adopted orphan living with an obscenely wealthy foster family consisting of two older twin step sisters, a bipedal Vaporeon named Ariel and a bipedal Umbreon named Umbriel. The three were under the care of the two Eeveelutions' mother, Titania the Glaceon and her husband, Oberon the Espeon. (Astronomy buffs will get the reference.) While the two step sisters were egotistical divas who would constantly sneer at Miranda and verbally bully her, their parents were far worse. Viewing Miranda as "inferior" to themselves and their biological kin, they wanted little to do with her and tried to force her into an arranged marriage with another wealthy jerk who only wanted her for her looks and would constantly harass her every opportunity he got, viewing her as nothing more than a possession to be owned.

On the day her wedding was scheduled, despite precautions being taken to ensure she would not try and run off the alter (this included restrictive clothing like solid gold high-heel shoes welded tightly to her feet so only heavy tools could remove them and even the threat of execution by public hanging should she put up any kind of resistance), she managed to flee hours before the ceremony none the less, having stolen and hidden away maps of the neighboring regions to plot out the quickest route to supposed safety. For how this played out, I already have a short fic written of her daring struggle: https://www.weasyl.com/~unownace/submissions/1889566/bun-on-the-run-short-pokemon-fanfic

As for her appearance, aside from being a shiny (pink fluff in place of cream-coloured fluff), her feet are the brown of her upper body as opposed to matching her lower-body fluff. Being that even outside of the jurisdiction or her wicked family she still tries to blend in and not stick out too much, so in public she's never seen barefoot, always sporting thick soft tights. Though aside from that her taste in footwear is a bit mote generic, preferring slippers or flats over rigid high heels for comfort, since her last experience with heels left bad memories of excruciating pain.