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Bali Bard by Umbra.Exe

Bali Bard


Another birdie-boy this time! This is Bayu, a Bali Myna. (Bali Mynas are beautiful little birds, who sadly, also happen to be critically endangered. They go by quite a few other names, as well.)

I'd seen Bali Mynas in a book years ago and loved their striking blue faces, but I had forgotten their name for a long time, and didn't own the book I had seen them in. Recently, I happened upon the name again, and was able to remember it and look up the bird so I could draw it, finally.

I was working on this one for a while, but I figured I should stop trying to make it perfect and just get it done. Otherwise I'd probably still be working on it... :b For something that's only a few colors, I thought shading would have been easier. XD I am very happy with the pose though! I realized that I have a few bird characters, but I don't think I've drawn any of them singing, hah.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy. ^^