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Uluri Artist Intro by Uluri

Uluri Artist Intro


Characters © Uluri Uluri

Thought Maybe it was time for a New Artist ID on my art sites. Hi, I'm Uluri and I am a Cute things and Gore artist. I really like drawing cute things, and I also really like gore. If gore isn't your thing, I'd recommend watching me on an art site with a tag filter, like weasyl, but most of my Content is SFW and cute stuff. I enjoy creating content that directly interacts with the viewers in either the art or description. I think it's neat. I can draw Feral, Anthro, Monster, and Humanoid, but I really like monster and Feral.

My drawing arm is injured, so I cannot draw for a long time. It's been that way since about 2014 I think. So, if you do commission me, please know that it could take a while. I also open for Commissions very rarely as well due to this. 

Topics of Interest: Pets, Food, minecraft, Plants, Rocks, the weather, general Smalltalk things
Topics I Dislike: Conversation about Family, ERP Notes from strangers, vore, Kink shaming

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    A Cute gore artist indeed