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Furry Base Pack Canine Feline Rodent and Reptile P2U by Uluri

Furry Base Pack Canine Feline Rodent and Reptile P2U


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Here is a P2U (Pay to Use) Furry animal base set with multiple species and multiple bodyparts. You will receive the clip studio file and the photoshop file. The psd file can be used in any art program that loads photoshop files such as SAI, Clip Studio, and Photoshop. Under all line art layers is a layer labeled "base" that acts as a visual aid to help distinguish each body part from the next when deciding which parts you want to use.

This product includes

  • Psd and Clip files

  • The body part art includes x4 legs, x4 leg tufts, x2 wings, x13 tails, x4 arms, 1 torso, x10 chest fluffs, x12 hairstyles, x4 muzzles, x3 eyes, x9 cheek tufts

  • Layers and folders are labeled

  • Layers in the CLIP file will be in vector so that the vector eraser can be easily used, and the folders color coded

  • Some folders have a "Mask" layer so that you can erase parts to mix and match different body parts without erasing the actual layer

  • TOS "Read Me" file

How to use these Files
1. Load the file in an art program that can open multi-layered art files such as SAI, Clip Studio, Medibang, Firealpaca, or Photoshop
2. Flip through the Line art layers until you find a mix of body parts you like. 
3. Erase conflicting lines.
4. Merge Line art layers [optional but recommended]
5. You can now select the area and begin coloring in on a layer below

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