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Reference Sheet YCH by Uluri

Reference Sheet YCH


Fill Commission Form:
- Have visual of any kind of your OC

Commission Details
- $150 for Front/Back/Side view
- $180 if including Wings (Will have a front/Back view similar to THIS)
- Will be Flat Colored
- Will be using this specific Bodytype pictured in the Example shown
- Any Creature Species That would fit there (Canine, Feline, Reptile, Rabbit, etc)
- No Horses
- Can do "Monster Paw" if you want big monster paws instead of little paws
- You MUST have some type of image for me to work off of, even if its a stick figure with colors on it. This is a reference commission, not a character creation commission. I cannot work off text alone.
- You receive the Fullsize PNG and the PSD (Photoshop) file via email

My Terms of Service:
tldr: Just be sure to credit me as the Artist when reposting, and you may edit the art I make for you.

Artist Special note: If it's possible, I would like you to join me for stream for Feedback purposes. Work tends to move smoother with the commissioner able to direct me as it is made. If you can't make it to stream that is alright, timezones are funky. It may take a tad longer due to feedback response wait time and adjustments is all. If there is a time you'd prefer to join, I can start streams at 9am-3pm EST. They tend to last for 1-2 hours at a time.

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