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How do you Pick Ur Fav Foods? by Uluri

How do you Pick Ur Fav Foods?


30 July 2020 at 05:34:04 MDT

Uluri © Uluri

The curious me has arrived to ask a question I thought about while eating an array of foods I was enjoying. How do you pick out the foods that you enjoy? Eating a big plate of various things, there was one thing I noticed about what I was eating. I really liked the textures of these things I was enjoying. This got me to thinking about how other people pick out their favorite foods, or to just make you think about why you picked your favorite foods beyond just "it tastes good" if so. Maybe pick out two or three of your favorite foods.

I really like Gyoza (and other pot sticker / fried dumpling foods) a lot because of how they feel when I eat them. Biting them reminds me of biting noses and ears. They are chewy, but they aren't thick and bready. They are thin, and I can go NOM! They are a super comfort food for me if I'm feeling like biting things.

I really like Pizza. Yeah, I love its tangy flavor, but Man do I really enjoy pizza when they get just the right amount of Crust to Sauce to Cheese ratio so that the crust under the sauce is squishy but chewy. I really like Sicislian piizas for that. If there's too much cheese, it takes away from the squishy bread undernieth as then I'm more focused on the cheese, so it needs to be just right. By the way, I really like Sweet Sauce pizzas. Most pizzas have a really tangy flavor, but I really like it with that bit more sweetness in the sauce. Makes me want to eat more and more and more.

Pickled Eggs (Sweet Purple Beat). Okay, so i LOVE the taste of pickled eggs for one, but the thing I've enjoyed beyond comprehension is when I can also peal the egg layer by layer. I think its so much fun to eat an egg that way. I loved boiled eggs too, but pickled is just next level for the flavor for me. Love them so very much. They are delicious and fun to eat. I don't like yolks, though. I don't remember it, but apparently whe I was little I almost choked to death on one and since never ate one again. I just know I don't like them and never got around to likingthem again I guess.

Oh and as in the Thumbnail I like pears, too, But not green pears. I like red and yellow pears the most. They are super juicey all the time. Yellow pears are really sweet and have a certain smell to them I really love, and Red pears are super juicey and their Skin's don't taste very bitter like icky green pears do. I used to have a pear tree that had yellow pears, so smelling them makes me feel really comfortable.

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    I like fried chicken, but mainly because of the breading on it. Chicken is my go-to meat, but breaded fried chicken is just "yummier" to me. I also really love oranges, but I hardly ever eat them, because there's too much work involved in "prepping" to eat them. XD