Raichu use Thunder by Uluri

Raichu use Thunder


12 March 2020 at 06:47:20 MDT

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Speedpaint Video: https://youtu.be/unDI1_EogrM

Raichu © Pokemon / Nintendo

Made in the same style as my Dunsparce Art, I made one for Raichu now. Raichu is a good favorite of mine. I always liked How Raichu's get voiced in the anime, and their really long tails have always been something I loved. They aren't my favorite Electric type, but I always had to have one while I was playing Ruby/Saphire because I loved how the electric moves looked in that pixel art.

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    Okay, you're probably going to get lots of great comments on this one over many sites. The whole lineage of this type ain't my favorite at all.............but this illustration seriously looks like it should go on a card in the official Pokemon TCG! I would very much buy a pack of cards if it had a Raichu with this illustration in it! :)

    I wonder if non-Japanese artists could ever submit art for the TCG over in Japan--if you could, would you ever want to do so? If you did more things like this, it's just as amazing (and sometimes even better!) than what's on some of the TCG cards nowadays!

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      If you are talking about Pikachu? I don't like how much Pikachu floods the world. I like Pichu and Raichu way more than that mid-ranged. Raichu ain't my top fav, but I still really like it.

      I have drawn these Pokemon arts (like my dunsparce one) with Cards in mind because I have always loved the art on pokemon cards. If ya take a blank one, you can shove this and that art onto them pretty nice. They're a bit wide, but the best part is still able to be seen. XP

      If I could have my pokemon art on a pokemon card, I'd LOVE that. I've never heard of a non-Japanese getting their art on a card, though. I don't know much about submitting art for cards, though.

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        I'm not a Pikachu fan, but I really couldn't find much room for the whole evolution chain in my party, either--just to fill the PokeDex. For first series, I relied on Zapdos when I caught it. But I do have to admit, for any and all kinds of Electric-types over the many years of games........I have become very fond of Toxtricity from S/S, even if I don't like the games themselves much at all. It's a nice Electric-type, which can also use Poison against pesky Fairies. XD

        I should do that--print out the pics really super tiny and just paste it over an extra Raichu and Dunsparce card I have laying around somewhere! My new cards! :D

        I almost wish that they (the Japanese company that produces the card game) would open up the TCG for guest artists around the world and do something like that. Maybe they could even call it "international artist version"? For Wizards of the Coast, the Transformers TCG suddenly became popular enough they had to stop taking toy and comic art and actually started commissioning artists to do their cards! XD But, yeah--I would love to see a special edition of the Pokemon TCG open up to artists around the world--I'm sure that if the form was explained properly and you did it..........you'd totally get your art chosen! :)

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    This looks amazing! I love the coloring and the dynamic scenery. I can almost feel the wind and energy!