Hand is Betterer Now by Uluri

Hand is Betterer Now


6 August 2019 at 06:21:53 MDT

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Uluri © Uluri Uluri

This is probably my last Hand update, guys, and it needed its own art. I've finally done it. My arm "feels like an arm again" is the best way I can put it. If you've been following me for years, you'd maybe have caught a few times when I've had to stop drawing for months for my hand, and I've even learned to draw with my left hand because of how long those breaks were. TLDR tendonitis so bad in drawing arm my daily life was always pain and hard to use the darn thing.

Well guys, here I am today to say that unless I do something real stupid with my arm it should be a pretty okay arm from here on out. I went to physical therapy for some good months, got my arm zapped weekly, massaged and a few other things, and have taken home some excersises that should keep that progress well maintained. I didn't even have to do the surgeries. I shouldn't have to spend months like that again. Right arm probably won't stop being "uncomfortable sometimes", but it's almost a normal arm and uncomfortable sometimes is heck tons better than Ow all the time. So I'm happy. Maybe there'll be a day were its even better. That'd be great, too.

I still have a time limit for how much I can draw or play games, but since I've begun, I've been able to work around that a lot more. my timer has been able to become a tad more lenient and I can sometimes do an activity and also do something else in the same day. That frikken rocks.

1-10 pain scale (9 being kidney stones) I went from a daily 6-8 to a sometimes 1-3. I'm happy. I'm proud. I've made progress and plan to keep progressing. Future me, I hope you tag this in your End Year post and tell me if you kept improving or not. I'd love to know.

Flashback Art: https://www.weasyl.com/~uluri/submissions/1717751/left-hand-series-sad-hiatus

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    Yaaay! Congratulations! :D