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Grandfather Mossy Rock by Uluri

Grandfather Mossy Rock


6 May 2019 at 13:47:45 MDT

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Feel free to suggest tags/Keywords to my artwork. It is very much appreciated!

Uluri © Uluri Uluri

This is the Grandfather Mossy rock. This art is based off of a large mossy rock in a place I used to live in the middle of nowhere that I liked hanging out at.

Here we have an Edited version of my Contest Entry for Picarto. I removed their mascot and am only posting up the Me only version of it because I very much felt that the way they handled the contest voting was a catastrophe. I'm not interested in displaying the original.

Firstly, They center-cropped thumbnails into a square rather than displayed the full image thumbnail. Obviously I and a good amount of other people who entered with non-center oriented artworks were at one HELL of a disadvantage. Our arts were basically not displayed to voters. You only saw a Tree in mine. I saw some people who had only half a face with a wall as a background in their thumbnails.

Secondly and most awful, the voting system was actually bugged. While big-screening artwork for me to get a better look at, it Automatically voted for me just because I enlarged the thumbnail. ON an art I wasn't even interested in no less. It was infuriating. I never actually voted on any artwork, but the darn thing displayed that I voted on THREE separate pieces. 

So yeah, this version will be my public posted one instead for those reasons. 

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    All that BS you listed aside, I actually really like this! Such a tranquil scene.

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      Thank ya

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        You're welcome!

        Follow-up question, though, why do you refer to this rock as the "Grandfather Rock"? Any significance to that name?

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          There are two Mossy rocks in the terrain. "Great Mossy Rock" and "Grandfatther Mossy Rock" both are seperate places nice to hang out. Grandfather mossy Rock is much bigger than the great mossy rock. It's perfect to lay on top of can fit 3 people. It is grandfather because it is larger and will hold onto everyone. Great mossy rock is different in that it has terrain that is sit-able and the area around it is the hang out and has a water stream coming out from undernieth it. It was to distinguish between the two areas.

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    looks like a nice comfy spot for a nap for both beast and fox!

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      Always liked picnicking on it. Brought PB&Js there all the time.

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        ah. sounds really nice in all honesty