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Ulric's Update 5/8:Ulric Update 5/8: Bats, Flu, Art, and Montenegro!

Manowar does Bulgarian national anthem Mila Rodino. Bulgaria now the most metal country ever. This is staying up here for awhile.

Yeah, even thought none of my stuff is colored. Yet. Some people have been wondering what I've been up to since my last two pictures done by my own hand were put up.

Well I've been sick off my ass all end of last week and for the past few days. Still slightly weak from it, as it was a pretty nasty flu, so I'm still taking it easy but I have been getting back into drawing the last two days. I just need to keep taking it easy so I don't end up getting sick again as I was pretty wiped the other day from just a few hours of practice sketching.

In the meantime, found me a nifty little anthem that is going to be the unofficial 'anthem' for Saccharissa's home nation of the Consanguinity. The actual song is the anthem for the country of Montenegro, so this is simply how I just imagine her nation's anthem and dialect to sound.

Although in the setting her character won't be a main one often or featured much of, if at all at first, but later on you'll come to see her and the place she comes from more and more.

Putting it simply; imagine the kind of paranoia on a scale about double that of North Korea, mixed with the darkest time of the Hapsburg Dynasty (Austro-Hungarian Empire). Throw in a very distorted view of eugenics to choosing who holds power, some stockpiles of seriously advanced technology from thousands of years ago, and having a near pathological fear of the outside world where those caught coming into their land are killed on the spot.....

and sprinkle in some good old fashion Gothic style Romanian themes.

That's her fun-fun sparkle sugarplum fairy rainbow of a home. Or near enough anyhow. Oh and there is only the ruling class and then there is the serf class of workers and such to support said assholes at the top.

So while I'm in no way saying that Montenegro has an 'evil' sounding anthem......buuuuut I am saying it's at least a seriously god damn intimidating song to be sure.

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