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Personal - Fursuiting Survival Guide by TwilightSaint

Personal - Fursuiting Survival Guide


5 June 2015 at 15:00:32 MDT

*Black & White Printer-Ink-Friendlier Version HERE:

Presenting my own Fursuiting 'Survival Guide,' a checklist to help remember any important items and tasks for any event! ^^

This list is made PURELY FOR FUN and to be HELPFUL. These are lists of items that I personally go through before every outing, event, and convention at which I'll be in fursuit. I usually simply jot down my list on a notepad or in my phone and go through a mental checklist of sorts, but wanted to take the next step and make it into a tangible checklist for myself. I thought, why the hell not make it fancy and post it for others to use! (I love lists, okay? I'm such a stereotypical aviator at times, it almost hurts. :B )

This 'Guide' provides several lists that include essential items to bring whilst fursuiting, and also some speciality items and tasks to bring to or do at specific events. The 'Pre-Suiting Checks' section more so presents some abstract checklist items and is a good way to assess situational awareness. The entire checklist is intended to be useful for any and all fursuiters, newbies and veterans, for any and all outings, from conventions, meets, and fursuiting outside of con/furry spaces.

Of course, nearly all of the checklist items are optional and are able to be adapted to the specific outing that you'll be attending. The key things are just to plan accordingly for your event, have plans in case of mishaps, (falling, fursuit malfunctions, dehydration, etc,) and stay safe. But, as with any and all fursuiting, the number one rule is to HAVE FUN!!!

I hope this is helpful to someone out there! :) Feel free to download/print/share this as needed.

Think of something I've overlooked? Let me know!


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    This is actually very helpful even for people who are just starting out on going to conventions. I will totally use this when I go to one some day