Ref Sheet Comish - Aratina by TwilightSaint

Ref Sheet Comish - Aratina


30 March 2015 at 14:52:57 MDT

Part 3/3 of a commission set for AngelFonds, this last one being a flat coloured Build-Your-Own Reference Sheet of her quetzal character, Aratina!

Quetzals are so cool, and this gal is always a pleasure to work on! Her design is really neat, and it's a treat to work with such a unique species. I liked making her really realistic with all the details and whatnot, and holy tail poof, Batman. :D

Spiffy Aztec brushes are by DusterAmaranth!

Thanks again, Angel! Hope you like!


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    Thanks so much for posting her here! I really love how she came out!