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My mate is tyrthorn

SORRY to inform but on this site I decided to only favorite artwork of my characters here so sorry ;_; any people I watch or idols. I probably watch you elsewhere so don't worry I love your art/OC's that are submitted here!

I am a kind and caring person that loves to make friends. I draw whenever I can and write!

You can also find me on Deviantart and Furaffinity with my username.

Basically wherever you find my username its me XD


Fur Affinity

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~Terms Of Service~

~Terms Of Service~
Please note this is always subject to change (Updated as of 1/29/19)
I have the right to change this TOS whenever I want and if I see it fit to update it with new rules, etc.
By commissioning me YOU ARE AGREEING you read my TOS. I won't hesitate to decline or cancel (refunding you back) if you have failed to abide by them!
If by chance you are confused please be sure to ask questions before commissioning me!

~How Do I commission you?~
Easy send a note via FA, DA, message me in Weasyl, or send an email to filling out the below form!
Name/ Way Of Contact:
Reference Of Character(s):
Commission Type:
Idea Of Commission:
Payment Option:

Example Of Filled Out Form:

Name/ Way Of Contact: Angelfonds / Skype, DA,FA, email-
Reference Of Character(s): Ref
Commission Type: Chibi
Idea Of Commission: Have Angel sleeping curled into a ball.
Payment Option: Paypal
Other: N/A

-Please check My Commission Info Tab <-- or hover over those words and click it
-Tier Prices & Character Sheets <-- or hover over those words and click it

-Please click My Queue <-- hover over that and click it or you can click the bold one on my FA profile
-On Deviantart the Queue is under my To Do List on my profile.

~What I Will Draw~

  • Canines
  • Felines
  • Dragons
  • Humans
  • Any type of bird
  • Most feral animals
  • Any sexuality pairings -Please note anything else you ask me to draw it and gives me trouble I'll give you a refund. -If you want one of my oc's with yours you must please ask me and depending on the situation you are wanting will determine if I'll accept. (Same concept goes for collabs and art trades if more than one oc in it) [b]Price will still be double character though in a commission![/b]

~What I Will Not Draw~
-NSFW things including:

  • Sex (fee of $5 requested if you want this in your commission) Must be 18+ or have parent consent!
  • Sexual vore
  • Scat
  • Sheaths/balls
  • Boobs ​- Vore in general ​-Etc things Just ask!​ -So please do not think I'll accept your commission if you seek so. -For backgrounds I avoid buildings and other similar sceneries cause they give me trouble. -I DO NOT draw anthro ONLY feral -Angel is not allowed in NSFW art with your oc unless you are skullyvonbones or tyrthorn This goes for gift artwork to me if you plan to do so!

-Payment must be made through Paypal in USD either by invoice by me (where I request your paypal email), or you sending it as Goods & Services (but please have no address selected)
-Payment can also be sent through Square Cash, or if you live in California a Money Order to me/ in person give me the cash.
-If payment is through DA points please send them on my DA profile under Give Points!
-You are allowed to pay all of it upfront, half before & half after or all after the commission is done!
Although I prefer all payment after the artwork is done to ensure you are pleased with it. If you cheat me & do not pay you WILL be blacklisted from ever commissioning me ever again!
-I do accept tips (I may be more inclined to try harder on your piece?)
-No refund will be given if the artwork is completed & paid fully & are already satisfied with it.
-Refund needed before its fully done? We can work something out just discuss with me.

~Other Things You Need To Know~
-Please note I need to work with a reference sheet! I really can't work well with descriptions unless you are commissioning me for a reference sheet.
-I have a right to cancel a commission for any reason & refund you if I have to!
-If the artwork is finished & already paid for/accepted its fine by you BUT you come back to say you want something fixed a fee of $5 will be requested.
-I CAN TAKE as long as I need on a commission unless in the other section of the form you mention you need a deadline for it finished.
-I have the right to post the image where ever I want with proper credit to you or others who own the character(s)! If you ask me before hand to only post it to certain places I can do that but FA & DA are the main places it will be posted.
-If you want it private please also warn me as well! That way I won't stream working on it/posting it anywhere. No extra fee for that :'D
-Please let me know if the owner of the character I drew changed so I can update the info of the submission and allow me/or you to refer them to here!
-I can provide WIPs if you ask or if I seek your advice/opinion!
-If you see an error in the characters design or want something edited please let me know!
-Lost your artwork? I generally keep the files so just ask for it!
-Most contact will be through private messages. Please DO NOT leave shouts or comments on my DA profile! They will be hidden.
-Please allow me 24hrs to contact you back! I may be at work or in college at the time.
-Want to be on a wait-list? Just message me!

~Re-Upload Policy~
-Only the commissioner, me & who owns the character(s) may repost,alter (watermark not included), etc the images BUT they must link to the original submission and credit me for the art/design!
-When you re-upload the image it must have the watermark visible (if unwatermarked file was provided) & as stated above link back to my original submission.
-Be sure to credit me as the artist & or link back to any gallery of mine. My username can be used as a keyword too!
-If you found the original submission can not be linked to that can ignore the rule ONLY ON THAT SITE or link back to an original submission elsewhere of mine.
-DO NOT even think to remove my watermark or edit it in anyway! Doing so will get you blacklisted!
-You can crop the image I did for you to make it into an icon or ask me to do it.
-Your image can be resized upon request just ask me
-You can use the image I done for you as a wallpaper
-My artwork is NOT ALLOWED on physical items such as

  • Cups
  • T-Shirts
  • Etc -Nor can these physical items be sold! -I am ALLOWED to use my artwork for prints but they WILL NOT be sold.​

~For Art Trades, Collabs, or Sold Characters/Adopts~
-I have the right to cancel art trades & collabs for any reason that comes up! I'll let you know!
-In an art trade or collab I expect your art to be at my standard or higher!
-Please let me know If the owner of the character I sold to you changed so I can update the info of the submission and allow me to refer them to here.
-If you gain/bought/ were gifted, etc an adoptable from me please don't say you designed it. Especially if I was not the original designer!
-Please credit me when you first upload its ref sheet/first drawing of the character you do. Please link me to any and all artwork of the character and notify me when the owner has changed.
-If the adoptable is no longer wanted by you I'd love to have it returned to me. I can pay for it back, but not always. For those designed by me or not!

~Designs Created By MYSELF~
Designs created by me can be resold, regifted, and retraded unless other wise stated!
-Please show any & all artwork of the character to me! Failure to do so will result in me contacting you. This is to ensure I keep all files of the character in case I must revoke ownership from you if you break a rule.
-Character as stated above can be resold, regifted and retraded, but not more than you purchased from me. Can be resold higher if more artwork comes with the OC than what I gave you. And please let me know who the new owner is so I can show them my rules or you can.
-Minor edits to the character are allowed, but only if I designed it. This ensures you are satisfied with my design, but changed a marking, accessory, etc
-Give a loving home. Allowed to change gender, age, info etc things.
-Purchasing an OC from me you are not allowed to claim you designed it/did the artwork it comes with. Everything is credited as should be (even if its not one designed by me) & must be leaved as such.
-Failure to abide by all above rules will result in me revoking design from you/OC from you & blacklisting you from purchasing any of the characters I owned or designed.

Need to know anything else or are lost, please email me or note me here to get in touch with me!​

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