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Comish - Northern Morning by TwilightSaint

Comish - Northern Morning


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Realistic Shaded, Frame-Breaker Background Commission for Moxitoxis over on FurAffinity, showcasing their Dutch Angel Dragon character, River!

This was overall a very nice, pleasing piece to work on! Pretty character design, cool prompt for a landscape setting that's unique for me to work on. I was requested to portray River in a setting reminiscent of Newfoundland, Canada, which was an awesome idea! I initially pictured a storming, crashing sea, but as River was to be shown as calm and serene, I made the background to match. Lots of little details in there, from the seagrass and critters clinging to the rock to some travelers in the distance!

Full-Resolution pieces, detailed updates, & more! ->

Thanks, Moxitoxis! <3


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    Super Awesomeness. I really love these things with it being off the image.