Personal - Sniper Dances to 'Linkin Park Tribute' by TwilightSaint

Personal - Sniper Dances to 'Linkin Park Tribute'


23 February 2018 at 13:18:58 MST

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Happy #FursuitFriday!! Myself as Sniper dancing to 'Linkin Park Tribute' by Peter Hollens!

First of all, Peter Hollens has an amazing singing voice! And I thought this was such a cool rendition of some of Linkin Park's best songs, and a beautiful tribute as well. Very different from what I normally dance to, and I really wanted to put in max effort conveying the heavy emotions portrayed in the music.

I'm still learning all I can about fursuit dancing! I appreciate any and all constructive feedback!

-Sniper - Kestrel Dutch Angel Dragon Fullsuit - Made by PhoenixWolf/PhoenixNest
-Owned & Performed by myself, TwilightSaint
-Videography by Matrices

Thanks for watching!


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    i really enjoy this piece. when it comes to expression, you can linger in places and timing becomes less crucial because of that. i did notice however that i felt less eye contact (or rather Face Contact) from the positioning of your stance, maybe tilting the chin up ever so slightly would help that? otherwise this was really nice to watch in remembrance.