Personal - I Swear We Would Never Die by TwilightSaint

Personal - I Swear We Would Never Die


28 July 2017 at 12:36:51 MDT

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'Days when,
We'd fight, we'd fight 'til I would give in.
Yeah, perfect disasters,
We were reaching, reaching for the rafters~'

Epic Scene of Sniper, my Kestrel Dutch Angel Dragon, soaring high above the clouds!

One thing I've always noticed when I fly is that the clouds look so immensely different than they do from on the ground... Don't get me wrong, it's always wonderful to gaze upward to the sky, but it's a completely different experience to not only gaze at it, but to be a part of it yourself.

Even on busy missions, I still find myself almost every flight taking at least a few moments to look outside the cockpit and enjoy the few moments of silence and just appreciate the shapes, the colors, the contrast in contours between what's in the sky and the earth below. I really wanted to capture that feeling with this piece, how being a part of the sky is a unique experience~

And ah, it feels good to do a full piece, with Sniper nonetheless! Methinks my last Epic Scene was the Painting with Jaeger yay a month or so ago. And it's not too often I have time to do a full background, and it's been a hot minute since I've done one with my Kestrel boy!

Expect more Epic Scenes with Sniper incoming! And some other characters, of course! Gotta break up those Ref Sheets somehow, haha.

-Character & Artwork (c) myself, TwilightSaint - Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited-

Thanks for looking!


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    Purely majestic.
    Getting lost watching the sky is something I adore <3

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    aaa beautiful!! that sky is amazing +o+ you get to experience views like this?

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      Thanks! <3 And yep, several times a week on the job!