Personal - Go for Alpha Zulu by TwilightSaint

Personal - Go for Alpha Zulu


23 December 2015 at 18:23:38 MST

Personal Painting, (Lineless, baby,) of my raptor character, Alpha Zulu, listening up for comms in the green.

Again, as told by the watermark, this is an older piece of mine, finally debuted in my end-of-the-year posting of personal pieces, hehe. Truth be told, this is actually one of the first Paintings I did in my new style! Also, funny enough, this was the first piece I did of AZ - I actually did this before I did her mini Ref Sheet up, so if there are some extra feathers or a stripe here or there, that's why.

AZ sports feather crests, and a light down of protofeathers all over her body, though those fade around her muzzle, hands, and feet, hence why she looks a little on the fluffy side. She's an experienced O-6 in the Navy, and takes herself way too seriously, but is fair with her sailors. Land-based Squadrons, like Sniper's, typically prefer communicating over HF and SAT rather than skirting the outer limits of AZ's standoff.

Thanks for checking her out! B)

Art & Character (c) myself - any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


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    confirmed hostile presence on site. Alpha Zulu, you are clear for bombing run. proceed to target.

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      SMACK surface target, two seven one at forty five, closing.