Personal - Fursuit Dance 'Enter the Jungle' by TwilightSaint

Personal - Fursuit Dance 'Enter the Jungle'


9 September 2015 at 17:21:03 MDT


I'm a bit behind on posting these fursuit dance videos! And after a poll, it seemed like quite a few folks would like me to make these 'posters' to announce when I'd post them to my YouTube. ^^

Anyway, myself as Sniper dancing to 'Enter The Jungle' by Deficio. I love this song! It has an awesome sound and was fun to dance to. If this one looks a bit different, dance-wise, it's because I did this dance a couple weeks ago, actually! I almost forgot to upload this one, haha. My movements and footwork have improved A LOT since we took this video! I just need to edit the most recent ones and get around to posting them, phew!

I'm still a newbie to fursuit dancing - please be nice. :)

Sniper is a Kestrel Angel Dragon fullsuit made by PhoenixWolfSuits.
DADs are made by Ino89777.
Video taken by ThePastelKitten of FurAffinity.
Blue Angel footage in the beginning taken by myself.

Thanks for watching!


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    You know, your movements have improved a lot even since the first ones I saw. Like... you have a tail-awareness here that you didn't in the earlier videos, hehe. Very cute though - you are just so expressive with Sniper.

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      Thanks! Yeah, tail awareness is definitely a thing I had to get used to, as the tail is so big and thick, it can sometimes inhibit my footwork. XD Some videos my handler and I took this past weekend are even better than this, I can't wait to edit them. :D Thanks so much!

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        So... probably a "stupid non-fursuit user" type question here, but, do suits that elaborate always require a "handler" for proper use?

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          That's not a stupid question at all. XD I generally recommend having a handler at all times, particularly in crowded areas or events that you're attending for the first time without prior recon, as it were. All suits, whether fullsuits or partials, have serious vision and hearing impairments that can spell a rough time for the newbie fursuiter.

          I'm experienced enough that I'll go to events, (inside and outside of 'convention' spaces,) without a handler, but if my handler is able to, I prefer them by my side. For example, I was in a group dance at an event in my local town that I've been to solo before, and while everything was fine up until and after, while I was busy, (and thus not scanning my surroundings,) some guys came up and were trying to yank my tail and then actually trying to trip me, and my handler stepped in, saving me from a rough night, (and those guys from a boot in the face,) and possible injury to the people close to me if I would have fallen on them. Fursuiting isn't tough - it's dealing with PUNKS that can be!

          But yeah, it mostly depends on the event. Different suits do have different needs - for example, having a handler with water ready is good when in a fullsuit or realistic suit, but knowing the limits of the suit and your own experiences is key as well.

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            Very interesting points! I don't have a suit, nor do I plan to get one, but I do find it really interesting in that I have several friends who have both full and partials. You should consider adding info like this to your fursuit check-list. You could actually make a whole "So you want to fursuit!?" guide for people, and stuff like this would be massively useful to know!

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              I was actually thinking of doing that! My handler and I did a quick sort of cute, test-run video showing some basics, (will be posting it soon,) but I'd like to do a whole series ranging from different environments, handlers to solo suiting, fullsuits vs partials, and realistic vs toony suits, since I have a lot of experience doing all these things.

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                Sounds great! If you're ready to start posting them, just give a heads-up; I can echo them in one of the twice-weekly Paw-Post news letters I do to spread the word. I know from friends who have stated it that it was a huge learning curve because of lack of such things.