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What if Dr. N. Gin Was in An Animated Film by Turquoisephoenix

What if Dr. N. Gin Was in An Animated Film


17 March 2017 at 12:07:10 MDT

Yes, I have Crash Bandicoot on the brain, why do you ask.

On a whim, I had the thought “What if Dr. N. Gin from Crash Bandicoot starred in a Don Bluth movie?” and decided to draw it. Because I hey, I feel I have yet to draw a good picture of ol’ Rocketbrain AND this was fun practice. Even though this is partially a style mimic, I also feel like this helped me figure out how I would draw Dr. N. Gin in my style since my style is pretty much 60% taken from these films anyways.

Certainly a better job than a picture I did 3 years ago.

And yes, if Bluth made this movie in like 1997, N. Gin would definitely be the character in that movie that’s voiced by Charles Nelson Reilly (aka Killer from All Dogs). “Oh boss can I help you push the car can I can I please?”
And then he learns a valuable lesson and helps defeat Tim Curry Cortex, because of course he'd be voicing Cortex in this hypothetical scenario.

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    This guy used to be my favourite character back in the day when I was into Crash. (Oddly enough I was also thinking about it recently, ha.)

    This is terrifying, which I hope is the intended effect cuz you nailed it.