Yo-Kai Watch - The Humble Snotsolong by Turquoisephoenix

Yo-Kai Watch - The Humble Snotsolong


8 November 2016 at 16:55:42 MST

"If you cad sdop by dose frub ruddig I's be so habby."

Can't think of what to draw? Draw random monsters from the game you're currently playing. Always works!
Even if you end up drawing a snot bird and then wondering why you did it!

For those that haven't played the game series "Yo-Kai Watch", one of the monsters you can catch is an eternally suffering crane spirit with permanent nose drippings named Snotsolong and his magical ability is to give people runny noses. He's not very strong (Rank E, which basically means beginning of the game com mons that usually evolve into something better) and he can't even fly because his nose is so runny he's created nose drippings as limbs.

So basically Snotsolong's existence is hell. Always the water bird suffers. He exists purely to create snot. He can't even remember the last time he breathed through his nose. He probably lives on chicken soup and allergy medication. It won't help. It never helps. He exists to bring colds.
...I realize I'm thinking too hard on a character design meant to be a body humor joke. There's also a talking butt in this game.

I actually finished this picture (from sketch to shading) in under an hour for an art challenge, which is amazing considering how slow my art progress has been lately.

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