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Loving Memory Finished (No Blur) by T. Strings (critique requested)

Loving Memory Finished (No Blur) (critique requested)

T. Strings

This is one of the finished products ( and I really like that I captured a really warm, memory being replayed in this guy's mind. I messed with the blur things in photoshop and got a good outcome. It really forces your eye to meet his, and I really like that. I feel like there is a circle your eye gets carried through. The other one is posted to give credit for all the work I didn't have to do if I knew I was going to blur lol.


Hi there! Just started my online career here so to start it off I've decided to do a sketch a day to build up a portfolio and my skills. Should you have an idea for one of the daily sketches, let me know! The extra help will be well appreciated!

Progression Shot #1:
Progression Shot #2:

Should you like a commission done in this style, please go here:


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    That's wonderful. Looks a bit like something out of the mind of Jim Henson.
    I think, given the darker color scheme at the base, the blurring isn't really needed to draw the eye to the face. For what it's worth, anyhow.

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      I don't know much about his work besides the muppets I'm afraid, but I enjoyed them :) I thought the same thing about the darker color, but my personal favorite artist right now is Aaron Blaise, and alot of his work uses the blur tool, so I figured I would try it out.